“Remember Who You Are”/Identity and Sexual Abuse

What we believe about ourselves affects every aspect of our life and especially our relationships. It affects how we communicate with the rest of the world and also how we hear what’s being said to us. Sometimes, these beliefs become so deeply buried within us, we forget they are even there. In some ways, theContinue reading ““Remember Who You Are”/Identity and Sexual Abuse”

To The Teacher Who Asked Me If I Was Being Sexually Harassed: Thank You.

It was a crisp spring day in the Central Valley of California. We had just finished an all school Mass at my Catholic high school when one of my teachers asked to speak with me privately. Heart racing, palms sweating (much like Eminem) I was unnecessarily worried that I was about to be suspended asContinue reading “To The Teacher Who Asked Me If I Was Being Sexually Harassed: Thank You.”

The Year My Birthday Fell On Divine Mercy Sunday

Pope Francis declared 2016 a jubilee year for the Church known as “The Year of Mercy.” For me, this was indeed a year of great mercy. It was in this year I came forward about being sexually abused in my hometown parish. It was the year I came to really know the person of Christ.Continue reading “The Year My Birthday Fell On Divine Mercy Sunday”

Reactions to Abuse and Emotional Memory

Flashback Being a parent has been one of the greatest and most challenging experiences of my life. My son has helped me to love in ways that I never knew I was capable of. As any new parent knows, parenthood encompasses every aspect of your life, and it’s easy to forget how to be aloneContinue reading “Reactions to Abuse and Emotional Memory”